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Phoenix Contact - Germany

Back To [Partners] the world of connection technology between conductors and printed circuit boards, to the world of automation technology, to the world of electrical interface technology, and the world of surge protection. A total of 10.200 employees worldwide shape this world together with our customers and business partners.



Company Profile:

Phoenix Contact is a leading developer and manufacturer of industrial electrical and electronic technology. Founded more than 80 years ago in Germany, our diverse product range includes components and system solutions for industrial and device connection, automation, electronic interface and surge protection. Phoenix Contact is a global company with more than 10,200 employees worldwide. There are more than 40 subsidiaries and sales representatives in another 30 nations. Around the world, our focus on innovation and trusting partnerships with customers creates solutions that benefit all involved.

World Headquarters in Blomberg, Germany...


Phoenix Contact Products


Industrial Connection Technology CLIPLINE
From the terminal block through the assembly material and practical tools to the complete PC-supported configuration and making system, you will find everything required for the perfect control cabinet.

Industrial Connectors PLUSCON

You face the challenge of finding out how to save even more time and costs with system installations. We provide a modern and comprehensive program of industrial connectors for all applications. 

PCB Connection Systems COMBICON

For industrial electronics, the COMBICON product range offers a complete program of PCB terminal blocks and plug connectors for the printed circuit board. For development departments, Phoenix Contact also offers electronic housings, plug-in card blocks, and DIN socket strips.

Surge Protection TRABTECH
You will find professional surge protection in the TRABTECH product range. Phoenix Contact offers one of the market's widest product ranges, structured in surge protection for power supplies, data interfaces and measuring and control applications.
Signal Converters INTERFACE
The INTERFACE product range comprises interfaces for binary, serial and analog signals as well as power supplies, PLC cabling and electronic load relays.
Components and Systems AUTOMATION
From the serial sensor/actor box up to visualization software, the AUTOMATION catalog offers everything modern automation technology requires.

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