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Tailor-made system solutions for environmental monitoring

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More and More customers require turn-key solutions instead of single instruments. The worldwide trend in water analysis is moving in the direction of tailor-made analytical systems for various online measuring points. The availability of the measured values and control parameters are an increasing demand among water monitoring sites, chemical plants, industrial and municipal wastewater treatment facilities as well as drinking water plants. Endress+Hauser and Bayer Technology Services (BTS) have teamed to solve these demanding customer projects


Solutions and concepts

Together with their customers, Bayer Technology Services (BTS) and Endress+Hauser Conducta develop concepts which live up to the requirements concerning water analytics. The service begins with consulting, which covers what limiting factors have to be addressed on to what concepts should be realized and ultimately ends with an offer of a complete solution.


Special requirements for individual and community wastewater treatment

Wastewater networks are heavily branched and usually several kilometers long, presenting special requirements to the individual and community wastewater facilities that are tasked with managing them. Wastewater from different discharges and quality is collected here. The most complicated wastewater is from the chemical parks which often include complex contaminates that are not always received from individual plants. For this fact, the need arises for a complete measuring station at the inlet of the wastewater plant. With a measuring station the controlled process streams are bundled and the measuring tasks centralized so that the instrumentation can be used efficiently and guarantees quality and availability.


Complete measuring instruments for the safe operation of industrial wastewater treatment plants
Analysis containers for process analytical technology (PAT) offer a trend-setting concept for centralized wastewater analytics. Analysis containers are equipped with all instruments needed for the analysis of liquids. They can be built in any form that the customer requests whether that be in a fully air conditioned building, a tailor-made measuring container, or a simple instrument measuring cabinet.


3-D construction view of an analysis container

3-D construction view of an analysis container


The benefits are obvious: The operator can centrally analyze highly diverse wastewater in industrial chemical parks and insure safe operation of the wastewater treatment plant. The plant operators can also bill the costs of the wastewater treatment according to the load that the polluter discharges in compliance with the polluter pays principal as well as tighten and optimize their maintenance effort.


Container measuring station secures Bucharest's drinking water

Since 2001 Veolia Apa Nova is operating and producing Bucharest's drinking water supply as well as controlling the city's wastewater network. Two of the drinking water plants take their raw water from the Arges River. The city of Pitesti lies upstream the Arges river and is home to many of the top industrial plants for automotive and petrochemicals in Romania. Being that the drinking water plants lie downstream of these industries an early warning system is required. Besides residues of industrial wastewater, such as hydrocarbons, phenols, and cyanide, there is a risk of agricultural pollution, such as pesticides and nitrogen. The main reason for installing the container was to ensure functional security of these plants. In other words: The container is the "alarm station” and it will detect any type of pollution before the raw water is pumped into the process. 

Mr René Matillon, Veolia Apa Nova (right) and and Mr Eric Sifferlen, Endress+Hauser, (left) standing inside the container.

Mr René Matillon, Veolia Apa Nova (right) and and Mr Eric Sifferlen, Endress+Hauser, (left) standing inside the container.


The partnership between Bayer Technical Services and Endress+Hauser made this online monitoring station a success by joining the expertise of both companies. They were chosen by Veolia Apa Nova because they offered everything included in a comprehensive container solution, including consulting, construction, on-site installation, and a maintenance contract.  Another influencing factor was that Endress+Hauser has a local organization that is able to provide fast and professional service support for all instruments. A Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) was also conducted for Veolia to assure the container met their stringent requirements.  After the container was installed on-site, Endress+Hauser trainers were used to instruct local staff.


Training of operation staff in France.

Training of operation staff in France.