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The Port of Gothenburg installs CitectSCADA

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CitectSCADA will manage a number of port operations once it is up and runningThe Port of Gothenburg in Sweden is installing a CitectSCADA system to control and monitor all of the port’s multiple control, alarm, energy, security, and loading/unloading functions, both in the short term, and into the future as the facility expands.

CitectSCADA runs on the Windows platform and security authentication is integrated with Windows. The software makes use of C++, Microsoft .NET Framework and ActiveX software development components. The Port uses Windows Server 2003 and SQL Server.

The Port's intention is to use the super-ordinate CitectSCADA system, which is being installed by Citect partner Beijer Electronics, to build a shared, integrated, supplier-independent industrial control platform. At present there are a number of different branded control systems, serving various operations and applications. Some of the functions CitectSCADA will manage wholly or partly are entry and exit control, lighting control, alarm management of ramps and cranes, monitoring energy consumption, monitoring loading/unloading of oil and estate monitoring. The platform will also be enabled for future opportunities to integrate parts of system security and digital CCTV.

"Infrastructure solutions are one of our priorities," commented Lars Ekelund, CEO of Beijer Electronics Automation AB. "We see significant growth opportunities in open and scalable off-the-shelf systems as an alternative to brand-specific control and monitoring solutions. Having the option of choosing the same system for, say, security, production, real estate and energy monitoring offers major synergies. CitectSCADA enables us to achieve this integration. The package’s almost infinite scaleability means that as the port’s facilities grow, so does the SCADA system – seamlessly – to accommodate them. Moreover, the open architecture of the Citect package together with the systems multiple drivers (over 100) and databases, makes for easy integration with the majority of PLCs, PCs and building, environmental and security control systems."

The first stage of the Port, which is the largest in Scandinavia, project involves preparing a platform for the various parts of the operation based on a sector-specific framework developed by Beijer Electronics. The progressive integration of such a wide range of functions at the Port of Gothenburg will be made easier by the new clustering feature included in the latest versions of CitectSCADA.