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Case Study: Network Video Monitoring System for LG Chem Ltd's Cheongju, Ochang plant

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LG Chem Ltd deploys state-of-the-art network video monitoring system for its Cheongju, Ochang plant


Case Study: Network Video Monitoring System for LG Chem Ltd's Cheongju, Ochang plant


LG Chem Ltd.



Cheongwon-gun, Chungcheongbuk-do, South Korea


Industry segment:




Remote video monitoring


Axis partner:



» Mission
LG Chem Ltd was established in 1947 as the first chemical company in Korea. The company manufactures a wide range of products from petrochemical goods to high-value added plastics and industrial materials. When LG Chem built its new Cheongju Ochang plant, today employing over 55,000 persons, the group aimed to implement the most advanced technologies in every phase of the construction. It was looking for an intelligent video monitoring system that could be used not only as a monitoring and security device to oversee production and ensure property security, but also as an intelligent tool to improve the plant’s operating efficiency.


» Solution
One of LG Chem’s requirements was that everything installed in the plant should be fully integrated with the IP network. In light of this, an analog-based system was excluded. After careful consideration and evaluation, LG Chem opted for an Axis network video solution, because of its flexibility and ability to expand seamlessly as the plant developed and new requirements appeared. The system also proved to be the best in performance and reliability, with its capacity to be used for multiple applications, such as video monitoring of processes and video surveillance of sites and assets.

A complete range of Axis network cameras, including fixed and PTZ network cameras, were installed, and a total of 150 video channels operated. The solution featured the “CamWiz” video management platform to provide key functions such as guard tour, 64-channel monitor displays, and automatic tracking and recording.


"The network video solution, as a future-proof, state-of-the art monitoring solution, provides many benefits which an analog system cannot meet. It is very flexible, so it is easy to integrate with other systems such as gate security, production facilities monitoring and incident prevention. And it can grow with our needs. The solution has also contributed to raise our corporate image as a high-tech plant in the IT field."
Employee at LG Chem Ltd.



» Result
One of the most attractive points of the Axis network video solution is to be able to respond to the future changes and plant expansion with very low cost involved. The solution, by making use of the company’s existing IP infrastructure, ensures high return on investment and lower total cost of ownership than analog.


The flexibility and scalability of the system have been determining factors: cameras are easily added and moved around as new facilities are constructed as part of the plant’s development plan. Images can be viewed from anywhere and 9 different sites are now being monitored from a central control center.


Remote maintenance and trouble-shooting are made easier, as staff can provide immediate response to incidents without having to be physically present on-site. This contributes greatly to reducing maintenance and managements costs.


Nowadays, LG Chem benefits from a powerful system to protect its own property, as well as to detect incidents and respond to internal issues.


Case Study: Network Video Monitoring System for LG Chem Ltd's Cheongju, Ochang plant - Result


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