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Power supplies for medical technology

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Phoenix Contact’s single-phase Quint Power SFB power supplies with an output voltage of 24 V D.C. have been approved for use in medical technology.
The devices can now be employed in electrical medical equipment such as in operating room lighting or hospital beds thanks to the new inspection certificates in compliance with IEC 60601-1 or EN 60601-1.


In order to trigger standard circuit breakers magnetically and thus within a few milliseconds, power supplies must temporarily deliver a rated current that is considerably higher than normal. This power supply uses SFB technology to provide this dynamic power reserve. It has six times the rated current for 12 ms, which allows defective current paths to be disconnected selectively while other system components remain in operation without interruption.


A static power boost power reserve with up to 1,5 times the rated current is permanently available to ensure the reliable startup of loads with high inrush currents.


Diagnostics are carried out for the connected devices by continuously monitoring the output voltage and the output current. In addition to normal operation and malfunctions, the preventive function monitoring feature now also identifies critical operating states while the power supply continues to operate faultlessly. This allows the controller to recognise faults with connected loads at an early stage so that these faults can be eliminated before they lead to drops in voltage.