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Automation Articles
Wireless PROFIBUS cable replacement faster with the new PSI Bluetooth PROFIBUS-SET

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The new PSI-Bluetooth-PROFIBUS-SET is available for a faster startup of wireless PROFIBUS paths.
The configurable set contains omnidirectional antennas and PSI Bluetooth converter and is ready for operation in about one minute thanks to Plug & Play.




The PSI Bluetooth converters are automatically connected after the installation. Here, every Bluetooth PROFIBUS SET requires an individual password for the automatic establishment of a connection and enables a problem-free operation of several sets.


Comprehensive configuration of Bluetooth devices that is necessary for a safe and wireless connection is thus no longer required. The safety requirement for individual wireless transmission ensures password-protected and invisible Bluetooth connection.


This entire wireless connection is protocol-transparent and hence the PSI Bluetooth converters are not visible as devices in the PROFIBUS network. Additional programming cost for integration into the PROFIBUS network is no longer required.



Diagnosis of the transmission quality

The high-performance transceiver on the basis of the Bluetooth 2.0 technology guarantees not only problem-free operation near other wireless systems, such as WLAN but also wireless connections with 150 m ranges or more can thus be realized.

The integrated diagnostics bar graph thus simplifies not only the setup of the wireless connection but gives information about the attained transmission quality.





With the PSI-Bluetooth-PROFIBUS-SET, costly PROFIBUS connections with flexible conduits for mobile devices, slip ring transmission or other wired solutions and the associated comprehensive maintenance and startup costs are now a thing of the past.

Last modified: 10/09/2008
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